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Date: Sun Jan 1, 2006 10:52 am
Subject: File - For newer soap-makers

For our members who are fairly new to soapmaking or this list, we would like to send these few reminders concerning safety. (To those more experienced soap-makers perhaps these reminders will help prevent unfortunate incidents as we come to take our ingredients and methods for granted...)

You will have read about our incredible results and some of our stronger lye solutions on the list. You might also read about our disappointments. Before you get carried away with this method, please take a moment to assess your own skills levels and knowledge base. Ask yourself:

1) Are you thoroughly familiar with trace and what it entails?
2) Do you have safeguards in place to deal with lye volcanoes?
3) Do you understand most of the discussions taking place on this list?
4) Are you confident about your own soaping routine? The motions, the order in which you proceed, the speed with which you work, your environment (free of distractions, hopefully) etc.

Once you are confident about these items, you will probably decide to try this method. Easy does it. If you've never discounted water before, try for a 33-38% solution to ease you into the process. You will find that everything seems to move a little faster. I would recommend you experiment with this method with small batches until you are familiar with the different stages and textures. Remember to dissolve your lye in very cold water. Remember that your measurements must be absolutely exact.

Our primary concern, however, is safety. Once you fool around with stronger lye solutions, you have more opportunities for more severe accidents. These lye solution strengths can result in severe burns quickly. Please be careful. Make sure you have the proper gloves and eye protection. Make sure you have adequate clothing to protect you from splashes. Always have a large bottle of vinegar standing by to neutralize lye, just in case.

Have fun. You're always welcome to ask questions about this method, as we are all exploring it and learning it.

Leila, MaryElaine & Vicki
Botanie Soap
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