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Getting help from experienced soap makers

There are thousands of friendly and experienced home soap makers that are glad to help at these links.

General Soap Making
Soap Makers

This is a place to talk mostly about soap making, recipes and tips. But most importantly, this is a place to help each other, beginners and experienced persons alike.


The SouthernSoapers group is no longer available on Yahoo Groups. The Soapalooza Facebook Group will contain all the files, data, class PDF’s, as well as any other “Southern Soapers” branded training materials.

Soap Recipes

The members of this list share recipes, hints and techniques for creating soaps, lotions,cremes, bombs, packaging, etc.

Soap Making 101

For soap makers of all levels to exchange ideas, recipes, problems and solutions of soap making.

Soaps ~N~ Lotions Forum

We are an active group of both men and women who enjoy making soaps as well as lotions.  We welcome all levels of experience from the beginner who is just curious to the more advanced.

Soap and Other Obsessions

A place to discuss soap and all of our other obsessions, like creams, balms, lotions, infusing oils, scrubs, herbs, essential oils,and you can mention any supplier.

Tallow Soapers

For the free exchange of ideas between soapers using animal oils (AOs - lard, beef tallow and other tallows) in their craft. Our list is open to all regardless of their chosen method, materials or experience level.

Specialty Soap Making
Cream Soap

This is the place for EXPERIENCED soapers who are seriously interested in the formulation of Cream Soap. This group is all about experimentation and truly discovering all that cream soap can be.

Discount Water CP

This forum is for EXPERIENCED soapmakers who use stronger lye solutions in their soapmaking formula, and generally like to experiment and push the envelope. This is a method that requires meticulous measuring and technique.

Liquid Soap

This list was created for experienced soapmakers interested in perfecting the process of making liquid soap. Basic knowledge of the methods and safety issues involved in making hard bars is presumed. Researching liquid soap terms before joining is encouraged. If you don’t know who Catherine Failor is, best find out! LOL (Scroll down and click the 'Subscribe:' link.)

Botanie Soap
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