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The first book has a chapter on getting the most from SoapCalc
All but the last 2 would be suitable for beginners.
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"Complete Idiots Guide to Making Natural Soap"

Soapmaking has always been a popular craft with a dedicated group of followers, but with the explosion of urban homesteading and people looking to go green, noncrafters are now joining in on the fun. Whether it's making natural soap to live greener, give as gifts, save money, or make money, The Complete Idiot's Guide(r) to Making Natural Soaps has everything the new soap maker will need to create organic, natural soaps of all kinds.

Includes a chapter on how to improve your soap making by using the SoapCalc calculator.  Includes recipes to make a wide array of molded, poured, and liquid soaps.

Contains soap recipes for body as well as household and even pets.

by Sally W. Trew, Zonella B. Gould

"Smart Soapmaking"

Maybe you’ve made melt-and-pour soap and want to move on to something more challenging and rewarding. Maybe traditional soapmaking appeals to you, but you figure that working with lye is too difficult or dangerous. Or maybe you’re already doing it, but outmoded ideas and methods are complicating the process and slowing you down.

No matter which of these fits you, you’ll find Smart Soapmaking practical, helpful, and refreshing. Written by a former professional soapmaker, this book explodes the myths about soapmaking and shows you how to make luxurious soap with the least fuss and bother.

With both customary and metric measurements, plus a list of suppliers in five countries, Smart Soapmaking is the first truly international book on the raft!

by Anne L. Watson

"Milk Soapmaking"

Do you love the feel of milk soaps but shy away from the cost? Are you looking for a special kind of gift you can make yourself? Or do you already make soap and want to try something new?

Anne L. Watson’s Smart Soapmaking was the first book based on modern techniques that eliminate the drudgery and guesswork from home soapmaking. Now, by popular demand, she continues her soapmaking revolution with the first practical, comprehensive book on making milk soap.

Experience the rich, soothing, luxurious feel of milk soap you’ve made yourself. Your skin will thank you for it.

by Anne L. Watson

"The Soap Maker's Companion"

Important Notice to Readers of The Soapmaker's Companion by Susan Miller Cavitch As a result of further recipe testing, author Susan Miller Cavitch and Storey Books strongly recommend that you do not try the recipe variation listed in the sidebar note on page 36. Adding honey when you are combining the sodium hydroxide and water may result in a stronger reaction with more intense heat. The mixture may bubble up quickly and come out of the pot, posing a potential hazard.

by Susan Miller Cavitch

"The Natural Soap Book"

"Orange County Register: "The Natural Soap Book will be a welcome guide for anyone taking up the home craft."

"Country Living magazine also had acclaim for this book: "Ms. Cavitch walks her audience through the complete process of soapmaking, and teaches readers everything from how to acquire materials and equipment to how to trim the final results."

by Susan Miller Cavitch

"Essentially Soap" - a classic.

Pamper Yourself and your loved ones with personal soaps "custom-made" with just the right scent, emollients, and eye-appeal. With Dr. Robert McDaniel's Essentially Soap containing simple instructions and varied recipes, you can make soap to match your decor, soothe your jangled nerves, or give you an energizing lift. Learn how to work with fragrances, skin treatments, colors, and shapes and to enjoy the aromatherapy benefits associated with many essential oils.

Drawing on years of experimentation and fine-tuning, "Dr. Bob" has developed simple instructions and recipes for making a wide variety of cold process soaps, as well as melt-and-pour and rebatched soaps.

(Comment by SoapCalc) Available used and at some places new. Originally sold for $19.95. Beware of unusually high used prices on this classic by Dr. Robert S. McDaniel. This is a very worthwhile book either as your first or an addition to your soap making library.


"Making Natural Liquid Soaps"

This isn't a book for beginners!  There's also a lot of chemistry involved that, while not overly difficult to understand, may throw a lot of people. If you have experience with hot or cold process soap making (not that pre-made melt and pour stuff), then this is a decent book for you.

I've been a cold-process soapmaker for 2 years and was ready to explore other kinds of soapmaking. I picked up C. Failor's Liquid Soaps and was hooked. There's a lot of great information here. Initially I was a bit overwhelmed before diving in, but that's how I felt before making my first batch of cold-process soap as well! Liquid soapmaking, like almost every other craft, requires just a little time and patience before it becomes second nature.  The book is for anyone who wants so make their own natural liquid soap ( since almost all liquid soaps on the market are synthetic)

"Making Transparent Soap"

Catherine Failor does an decent job of explaining the transparent soap making process. There is a lot of useful information. However, for someone making their first soaps, it is my opinion there is a lot of incomplete and/or unclear information. If you want to make transparent soap, this is a must for your technical library, but it is not the only book you will need.

This is an essential guide for anyone wishing to make transparent soap. The author guides you seamlessly through the complex soap making process with step-by-step instructions color photos & a very helpful troubleshooting section.

Making Transparent Soap is for crafters who want to make the actual soap base. I prefer to purchase the soap base & craft soaps with different colors & scents & shapes.

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